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We cover a wide range of vehicles and key types, can replace lost keys, create and duplicate spare keys and cut new blades using our state of the art cutting and programming equipment. If your keys are locked in your vehicle or lost, we can gain access without causing any damage to the locking mechanism or to the vehicle itself. We also offer a service for Tracking devices and Dash Cams. Fast, friendly and reliable.

Our Services

Key Services

Car Key Services

Peak Auto Locks can replace most vehicle manufacturers keys and supply replacement keys, saving you money against dealer prices on the cost of a lost car key replacement.

Whether you just need another spare key or have just brought a car with only one key we can provide you with a copied car key.

Peak Auto Locks supply all types of vehicle key spares; standard keys, Remotes, Smart & Proximity

Vehicle Entry

Vehicle Entry by Peak Auto Locks

Peak Auto Locks can gain access to a locked vehicle if you have proof that you own it.

Whether your key is lost or locked inside the car, we can gain entry in a non-descructive way.

Peak Auto Locks use very specialist picks to pick the manual lock of a vehicle.

More Services

Dash Cams by Peak Auto Locks

Peak Auto Locks can supply and fit HD quality dash cams, front and rear of your vehicle hiding all electrical wiring within the body of the vehicle.

We supply and fit hidden GPS tracking equipment in your vehicle/works vehicle.

Had issues with your manual locks? We can replace the entire lock and supply the new keys.

Peak Auto Locks can supply and fit top rated security deadlocks to vans / trade vehicles.

With our specialist equipment we can auto read fault codes, activate retrofit modules, module code and service reset.



'Diagnostic Service'
VAG Group Diagnostics Audi VAG Group Diagnostics Skoda VAG Group Diagnostics Seat VAG Group Diagnostics Porsche VAG Group Diagnostics VW

Peak Auto Locks use a fully licensed Ross Tech Cable, always with the latest software updated. We can offer coding programming modules for all VAG Group vehicles. Some examples include:

  • RNSE/MMI Coding such as Hidden Menu and VIM (Video in Motion) activation
  • Activate Anti-Hijack (unlock doors when key removed from ignition, locks door at 10Mph)
  • Alarm chirps flashes on locking (like decent aftermarket alarms system)
  • Activate single click-all door unlocking, instead of just the driver door
  • Activate Cornering Lights
  • Emergency Braking Hazard Flashing
  • Activate Coming Home / Leaving Home Lights
  • Change coming home lights from fog lights to DRLs
  • Activate Dash Needle Sweep "Staging" when ignition turned on like the higher end Audi's
  • Activate Tyre Pressure Monitoring, Once kit is fitted
  • Inspection / Oil / Annual Service Light Reset
  • Airbag Light Reset
  • DPF Regeneration

We can also data log, reading and recording live data various engine output signals like Boost, REVS, RPM, Intake Temperature, EGT, Ignition Timing, Air Mass readings ETC... To try and help diagnose any issues


Peak Auto Locks are a locally run business and have 15 years of experience in the motor industry. Offering low cost solutions and a quick response time we are your number 1 vehicle locksmith. Covering up to a 50 mile radius of Matlock, we are happy to reach you in Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby and all the smaller towns inbetween.

Our most common call out is someone having locked their keys in the car without a spare. You can be assured, we treat all our lock outs as emergencies and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible. Peak Auto Locks will be able to unlock your vehicle without causing any damage to your locks

We pride ourselves on our fast, reliable and professional job at each callout but also on saving our customers money where we can, so where we can we may be able to extract a key from the lock, saving you the cost of a new lock or ignition or for example if your remote key is not working properly it may be because it’s just old and tired, we can save you money and give it a makeover, saving you money on a new remote.

Most of our callouts can be carried out by the road side, at your home or at your work place, where ever is the most convenient for you.


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